Dental Education – Dentist in Rocks Springs, Wyoming

Rock Springs, Wyoming Dentist – Family Dental Practice:  We are proud to be a family dental office in Rock Springs Wyoming. Your families dental health is our number one concern. From kids to grandparents, we know how to keep your happy smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Improving Your Smile Zone:   Modern times have brought modern procedures for the perfect smile. Cosmetic dentistry improves the appearance of your smile and often improves the function of your teeth, gums or bite. Cosmetic procedures can be as simple as teeth whitening or be as extensive as crowns for your front teeth.

Cosmetic Restorations with Veneers:  A veneer is a thin layer of material placed over the surface of a tooth. This is done for cosmetic purposes or to protect a damaged tooth surface.

Cosmetic Restoration With Teeth Whitening:  Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic restorations. Although you can buy over the counter teeth whiteners and even find some home remedies, there are advantages to seeing us for a whitening plan.

Dental Restorations – Wyoming Family Dentist:  Simply put, a dental restoration is any artificial substance that is used in repairing worn decayed, damaged, or missing teeth. The goal is to restore the shape of the tooth and protect the tooth from further damage and restore the individuals ability to speak and chew.

Dental Anxiety is Real:  We have found that giving the patient the sense of control is the key to curing anxiety. That control comes with good communication. We build trust with each patient with communication.

Dental Health and Whiter Teeth are Important to Happiness and Success:  Are you among the 80% of Americans that want whiter teeth? Do you feel that your smile is important when it comes to first impressions? By survey most Americans do.

Your Daily Dental Care Routine- Brushing Your Teeth:  For a healthy smile and a healthy mouth you must have a daily dental care routine. Brushing your teeth properly is a simple habit that really pays off. When you know the correct way to brush your teeth, you can help your children establish their own daily tooth brushing routine.

Recommendations for Flossing Your Teeth: As a Wyoming Dentist, I am often asked about flossing. Here are my recommendations on flossing, what dental floss you should use, why you should floss, how to floss and how often.

 6 Great Dental Stocking Stuffer For Kids: Make Christmas a little healthier with dental stocking stuffers for kids. Your kids will love them and so will their teeth.

What is Periodontal Disease? Periodontal disease is the number 1 cause of loss of teeth in adults. Perio means around and dontal refers to tooth; “what is around the tooth.”

Understanding Root Scaling and Periodontal Procedures: Often plaque will build up under your gums and require root scaling to get your teeth back into good condition. To understand stand the need for root scaling you need to understand periodontal pockets and how they are reduced…

How Are Teeth Whitened? Advances in teeth whitening techniques make it possible to have a beautiful smile without damaging your teeth. How are teeth whitened?…

Tooth Decay – The War Inside Your Mouth – Tooth decay is a war that is easy to win if you understand what causes tooth decay and the simple steps you can take to prevent it…

Filling Cavities with Composite Fillings – Cavities, as their name implies, are essentially holes in your teeth caused by decay. You can sometimes spot a cavity as the area surrounding the hole generally looks dark brown or grey.

What is a root canal? Why would you need a root canal? – Here are several reasons why your tooth may become irritated and inflamed, such as deep decay, big fillings, trauma to the tooth, a chipped tooth, or even repeated dental work…

Handling Lost Tooth Structure with a Crown – After a lot of tooth structure has been lost, your choices are limited. You could try a filling, you could have the tooth extracted, or you could choose to put a crown on the tooth…

Is a Bridge Right for You?  – When teeth are missing, a fixed bridge is a good choice for replacing them. A bridge can prevent a chain reaction of problems, including shifting teeth, difficulty keeping teeth free of plaque and bacteria, loss of bone in the jaw, difficulty chewing, grinding and clenching, and pain in the jaw joint…

Veneers Can Improve Your Smile – When teeth are chipped or beginning to wear, veneers can protect them from damage and restore their original looks.

6 Steps to a Daily Dental Health Care Plan – Your daily health care can be come just a matter of routine with this 6 step plan.

Composite Fillings and Restorations –  Composite fillings are made up of glass and plastic particles. Because the composite can be colored to match your teeth, they have become the top choice for fillings and tooth repair.