Dental Anxiety is Real

How do you work with patients who are afraid?

This is a good question, especially when it comes to working with children. We have found that giving the patient the sense of control is the key to curing anxiety. That control comes with good communication. We build trust with each patient with communication.

Kids love to know that they are in good hands. Our staff have become experts in handling kids and their fears.

Usually adults want to know what their options are, and they want to know what is happening. Discussing your goals and how they will be attained is part of every dental visit.

How do I know my dental problems will be solved and look good?

Often we see unattractive cosmetic dentistry. That is because successful dentistry is beautiful and looks natural.

With all the new innovations in dentistry, all procedures are more successful than ever. Dental treatments done by trained professionals and an experienced dentist can make your smile match your face, look natural and beautiful.

Time and money are a big concern.

Healthy and beautiful teeth can seem expensive. But the good news is that it can be done in steps that fit into nearly every budget. There is no need to be under financial strain to have excellent dental care.

You want a predictable out come. We focus on quality restorative work and not quickie repairs. Your teeth and your health are an investment. And they are an investment in your business and social life. If you properly maintain your teeth and have regular check ups you will prevent future corrective procedures.

We have worked with people just like you. Call our office for affordable options.

I am worried my problems are so bad I may need dentures.

Ideally we take care of our teeth in a proactive manner. We have regular check ups and learn how to properly brush and take care of our teeth at home.

Solving your dental health with repair dentistry is not the way to go. Do not wait until dental problems arise. Uncovering dental problems before they get bad and finding the correct solution with keep you from going into a downward spiral. Cause can be found and successfully handled.

Most likely there is plenty that can be done long before you need dentures.

I have felt rushed into having dental procedures I did not want or felt like I needed.

Finding what is right for you does come from working with a dentist that talks to you about your goals. We understand and creating a dental plan that fits your desires, budget and time line. We want you to be in control.

There is no sense in having a plan that is created just by the dentist. That does not work. Your plan has to be one you are willing to participate in. Communication with your dentist and his staff puts you in the drivers seat.

Sacrificing your dental health because of anxiety, bad past experiences or lack of knowledge can be overcome. Contact our office. Your consultation free. We are confident we can help you over come your fears and work out what is best for you.

Call us and find out how Erramouspe Family Dental is different, 307-362-3121. You will find that we take the time to put you at ease.