How Are Teeth Whitened?

Advances in teeth whitening techniques make it possible to have a brighter more beautiful smile without damaging your teeth.

How are teeth whitened?

Teeth darken over time as minerals penetrate the tooth’s enamel.  Whitening agents breakdown oxygen is force through the enamel and staining quickly disappears without damaging the tooth structure.

First, impressions are taken then we make a model in order to make a custom whitening tray.

Then the patient will wear these custom made trays at night. The tray is filled with the whitening solution and  simply placed onto your teeth. The you are then free to resume normal activities or retire for the evening.

The process is safe and fast. You will see a change in as little as 14 days.

Cosmetic Whitening and a Healthy Smile

Cosmetic whitening is a easy and dependable way to a more beautiful smile.

Of course, we want to insure that you not only have a white, bright smile, but also have a healthy smile. For that reason we always do a thorough exam first and repair damaged teeth, fill cavities and do a complete cleaning before we recommend any whitening process.

Go for a healthy smile…call us.

Dr. Gregory Erramousepe, Wyoming Dentist